PMCC Beginners


Is joining a club the right idea for me?
Absolutely! By being part of a club you have access to a number of different styles of riding with a number of different abilities. Weather you are new to the sport or a long termer, riding with a club is a great way to improve your riding and achieve your goals.

How often are the rides?
We have training rides every Saturday and social rides every Sunday and details of these are posted on our Facebook page. During the year we will be doing chain gang training in the evenings as well as fun runs when the days get longer. In the morning many of our riders commute by bike too and would welcome more riders to join

I’ve never ridden with a group before, what’s it like?
Riding in a group may seem daunting at first, however you will quickly realize that it’s very easy. All the riders are very sensible and aware of each other, our ride leaders are also well trained and can give plenty of tips and advice on where to ride and any group etiquette you may require. most importantly group riding should be fun and as long as you ride sensibly you will have no problem at all.

What sort of distances do you ride and at what pace?
Club rides vary in distances and pace depending on the time of year and number of groups out.  Typically a Sunday ride will be at least 30 miles and there is usually a ‘social ride’ out with a pace of under 17mph with a faster one upwards of 18mph.  A beginner’s ride goes out every third Sunday of the month where the pace is as slow as it needs to be for everyone to get back in one group.  Details of the club rides can be found here.

Will I be insured?
Although Pure Motion cycling Club have third party liability through our British Cycling affiliation, you should accept responsibility for your own conduct and safety (including the safety of your bicycle and other equipment) during club activities. You take part in club rides entirely at your own risk and we strongly recommend that you take out appropriate third party insurance for your own sake. Membership of British Cycling or the CTC can offer you this form of cover and you’re supporting cycling in this country too when you’re a member of either organisation.

I’m already a member of another club, can I still ride with PMCC?
Of course, the more the merrier.  However, if you’re looking to ride with us on a regular, or even semi-regular basis then we’d ask that you make PMCC your second claim club, which can be done via the membership page.